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The Most Annoying Ways People Use Their Phones

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There isn’t anyone that’s alive today who would say cell phones haven’t made our lives much easier. Even before we were carrying around tiny computers in our pockets, cell phones were helping us get rides home, talk to friends without having to actually talk to them, and relieving our boredom with the much-beloved game of Snake. But as much as cell phones have improved our lives, they’ve also managed to make annoying people even more annoying. If there’s one thing that’s sure to drive everyone crazy, it’s people on their phones in public who act like they’re not in a public space. Your heart rate is rising even as you think about it, isn’t it? If so, prepare to become furious while reading this list of the dumb ways people use their phones.

This list of the annoying things people do on their phones is pretty funny, but it should also serve as a piece of public service for those of you who treat the outside world as your personal phone bank. Remember, even when you’re speaking on a cell phone, etiquette is important. Or, if it helps, remember the golden rule. You don’t want someone going to the bathroom while you try to tell them about your terrible date, do you? So turn off that stupid ringtone, and check out the douchiest ways people use their phones

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