Kids 28 Public Places You Vividly Remember Your Parents Leaving You  

Jacob Shelton
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Raising kids used to be different. There weren't many rules about unattended children. There definitely weren’t millions of people online waiting to call you a bad parent for leaving kids unattended in your car or in an ice skating rink. Anyone who grew up in the '80s and '90s knows the sense of dread that comes with realizing that you’re all alone in a grocery store and that you’ve joined the ranks of unattended kids. Even if you’re only forgotten for a few minutes, you can’t shake the feeling that you’ve been forgotten, and that you only take up as much space in your parent’s mind as a cup of coffee that’s been set on the roof of a car. Everyone was accidentally left alone at point in time in their childhood. Keep reading to feel a rush of hot shame as you relive the memories of looking for your mom and realizing she’s not there.

Parents have so much going on in their brains. They’ve got to pay bills, figure out grocery lists, and they’re probably thinking about work too – how much brain power can you expect them to give to you? If you grew up as someone who wandered off in public places then each of these spots that parents have definitely forgotten about their kids will resonate with you in new and embarrassing ways. Vote up the sometimes questionable places that you totally remember just hanging out at as a kid, and if you don’t see the place where you were left as a kid feel free to add it. 

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In The Car While They Grocery Shopped

24 8
In The Toy Section While They Shopped For Adult Stuff

19 4
At Soccer Practice After Dark When Everyone Else Had Already Gone Home

16 3
The McDonald's Play Area

20 8
The Magazine Aisle In A Grocery Store

13 2
In The Children's Aisle At A Public Library

12 4
The Food Court In A Mall

16 8
Under Their Desk While They Worked

9 3
The Waiting Room Of A Doctor's Office

13 7
In Their Office Copy Room

8 4
Inside A Clothing Rack In A Department Store

17 14
At The Bar Where Your Dad Worked

5 2
In A Church Pew

7 5
Under The Table At A Restaurant

11 10
The Bathrooms At Mount Rushmore

9 8
In Line At Disneyland

4 3
In The Bathroom Of A Movie Theater

3 2
In A Park After A Birthday Party

3 2
In A Convenience Store Bathroom In The Middle Of Nowhere

3 2
The Dressing Room In A JC Penny

3 3
In A Pumpkin Patch

3 4
The Foot Of The Washington Monument

3 4
At A Digital Poker Machine In A VFW

9 11
On Top Of A Ski Lift

2 5
At The Concession Stand Of A Football Game