15 Strange Things To Avoid Doing On Public Transportation

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Just like the name implies, public transport is public. So, there are certain things to avoid doing on it. These Redditors have shared their strange public transportation stories so you know what not to do on public transportation.

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    Giving Strangers Gifts They Don't Want

    From Redditor u/lilsmudge:

    I always have the weirdest experiences on public transit in Seattle. A man once sat down, gave me a long look, said, "You need this more than me," and then handed me the 5-foot-by-3-foot velvet Jesus painting he was carrying. Then he left before I could stammer out a "why?"

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    Taking A Book Out Of A Stranger's Hands

    From Redditor u/IamEclipse:

    Someone took the issue of Walking Dead I was reading out of my hands, gave me the money for it, read it, handed me it back, then we discussed the issue.

    I got off the bus thinking, WTF?

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    Playing Instruments Very Seriously

    From a former Redditor

    I was riding in a crowded bus, and I was sitting across from some guy with a serious look on his face that just kept staring at a backpack he had between his legs on the ground. After a little while, he pulls a little bongo out of it and starts playing, his face unflinchingly serious. I got off the bus a minute or two later and never saw the mysterious bongo drum man again.

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    Writing On The Bus Seats

    From Redditor u/thudly:

    Some kid on a bus took a big black marker and wrote F*CK YOU on the bus seat. The bus driver, hearing all the kids suddenly go quiet, came strolling back to see if anything was up. So the kid quickly sat on his own graffiti, looking all innocent.

    When he got up to walk off the bus he had a big huge UOY KCUF on the back of his pants.

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    Playing Music Loudly And Working Out

    From Redditor u/elaxation:

    Riding the orange line in DC from New Carrollton (first stop on the line) to Clarendon (close to the other end of the line). A 40-something... man in a singlet, basketball shorts, and pair of Nike boots with a boombox and two free weights gets on at the next stop. He places his boombox on the ground, presses play, and starts blasting up-tempo gospel music. Everyone's awkwardly looking around and making eye contact with fellow passengers to make sure we're all actually experiencing this right now.

    He's surprisingly spry. He steps into a series of lunges, high knees, and sidekicks while pumping iron. The gospel music is punctured every 1-2 sets with his screams of "Woo!" "Superfly!" "Stay cool!" "Watch out now!" and my personal favorite "Burn dangit burn."

    He does this for the entire train ride, a 45-minute trip.


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    Eating Raw Asparagus And A Rubber Band

    From Redditor u/MandyLee123:

    I once saw a man eat an entire bushel of uncooked asparagus on a bus in Seattle, and after he was done he chewed on the rubber band that held it together like it was gum.

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