Public Transportation Maps From Around The World

If you've ever used public transit, then you've likely encountered public transit maps, some of the most colorful and engaging maps in the world. Cool public transit maps feature snake-like routes in myriad colors, unconcerned with the precision, scale, and specificity of regular maps. They're not all created equal, however, as anyone who's been stuck waiting at a bus stop or in subway station can attest. Railways, bus lines, and even waterways fall under the umbrella of public transportation, and as such require different cartographic depictions depending on their size and location.

The examples below are some of the more attractive and eye-catching public transportation maps from around the world. With their intricacy and designs, they are as, if not more, entertaining than anything else you'll see on public transit. From Venice's sprawling waterways to Oklahoma City's tidy downtown, these maps display a wide range of cartographic techniques and look lovely to boot.