Genius Fan Theories About What's In The Briefcase In 'Pulp Fiction'

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Unsurprisingly, the briefcase in Pulp Fiction has inspired plenty of theories. Even when Quentin Tarantino's films aren't as successful commercially, they still inspire countless essays and examinations. His unique storytelling technique and the way he leaves certain mysteries unanswered have also led to all kinds of speculation and fan theories from viewers. And Pulp Fiction, among his most complex and convoluted films, may reign supreme when it comes to '90s movies fan theories.

There are several unexpected developments throughout the film, but the biggest lingering question involves the contents of the film's MacGuffin: the briefcase. So what was in the case in Pulp Fiction? It's a mystery that's never explained in the movie, and its cryptic nature has led some fans down a seemingly bottomless rabbit hole to find answers. 

Some of the most bizarre (but equally well-thought-out) explanations should provide fans with at least an inkling of what might be glowing in Marsellus Wallace's coveted briefcase. When you're done obsessing over the theories, make sure to also check out our list of more great shows and movies like Pulp Fiction!