The Best Punk Songs About Alcohol, Ranked

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The best punk songs about alcohol celebrate all that is wonderful about imbibing. True, some songs do mention the dangers of overindulgence and the pain of alcoholism, but for the most part, the punk drinking songs on this list call to mind carefree days of youth. Listen to these hits, and you'll remember the days when downing a six pack was a regular occurrence, leading to fun - or anarchy. This is punk music, after all.

When it comes to punk songs about drinking, few bands come close to Fear. This hardcore punk band from Los Angeles has more songs about alcohol and drinking and general mayhem than perhaps any other group in the genre. Some of their best punk alcohol songs are included here: “More Beer” and “Beerfight” are self-explanatory. Other classic punk songs about beer and liquor include Black Flag’s “Six Pack,” “Another Wasted Night” by Gang Green, and of course, “Irish Drinking Song” by Buck-O-Nine.

What is the best punk alcohol song ever? Raise a glass, watch these videos, and vote for your favorites!

Photo: Kasper F / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0
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