26 Punny Bumper Stickers That Honestly Make The Road A Better Place

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Are you the type who spends their freeway time looking out for punny bumper stickers to pass the time? No matter how many eye rolls they warrant, funny bumper stickers make even the earliest of early morning commutes worth waking up for, almost. Furthermore, if you have a funny bumper sticker in tow, you establish yourself as both physically and culturally ahead of your peers in the lanes behind you. But why wait until you're up to your elbows in brake lights and smog to enjoy some funny bumper sticker humor? Here, you'll find a collection of pun bumper stickers collected for your viewing pleasure, without getting stuck in traffic while downing your coffee.

Like a clever restaurant name, a funny bumper sticker takes something, a restaurant or car, respectively, and elevates it to a status of distinction. Whether you're into Star Wars or science, Shakespeare or wildlife, you definitely will crack a grin for one of the punny bumper stickers below. So get a load of some of the funniest bumper stick puns out there without worrying about being a distracted driver. 

Photo: doonkune / via reddit