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The Most Pun-Tastic Horror Movie Taglines 

Mike McGranaghan
Updated January 16, 2020 617 votes 53 voters 1.2k views 33 items

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Movie poster taglines serve an important purpose. Their job is to hook you and make you want to see what happens in the film. A dull tagline simply causes your eyes to glaze over. A snappy one, on the other hand, creates a tingle of excitement. It offers the tantalizing prospect of seeing something really amazing.

Horror movies tend to go in one of two directions. Some use taglines that evoke a sense of the terror the story hopes to convey. Others rely on cleverly-worded puns designed to elicit a chuckle. These can be particularly effective, as they rely on macabre humor that suggests the films will not only be scary, but also fun. 

We've compiled the following list of pun-tastic horror movie taglines for you to vote on. In each case, the line on the poster references or plays upon the plot's subject matter. Some are clever, others are genuinely inspired, and a few are so terrible that you can't help but giggle at them. Which of these taglines do you think are the pun-niest?