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Fact: you are dead inside if you don't immediately melt as soon as you see a puppy. You're double dead inside if you don't totally devolve to unintelligible squeals and giggles when you watch a puppy trying to go up or down a flight of stairs. Puppy vs. Stairs is the eternal battle of size and perseverance, and dog owners have taken it upon themselves to document this struggle on Vine. 

Whether a growing Labrador is gearing up to hop downstairs for the first time, or a tiny terrier is simply too tiny to make it all the way up the staircase, Puppy vs. Stairs videos are hilarious and cute in equal measure. Any animal lover has to watch these. 

Vote up the best Puppy vs. Stairs Vines, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section! 

This Pug Clearly Needs Your Immediate Help

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D'aww, Look at his Tiny Little Body, Trying to Squeeze Through

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Come On, Little Buddy, You Can Do It!

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Little Basset Hound for the Win!

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