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The Desert Hellscape Of 'Holes' Really Represents Purgatory

Updated 17 Apr 2019 7.4k views11 items

In 2003, Disney released one of the greatest family mystery movies ever, Holes. Based on Louis Sachar’s book of the same name, the film follows Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf) as he’s sent to a juvenile detention camp for something he didn’t do. The camp sits in the middle of the Texas desert and it’s your basic Cool Hand Luke situation, as inmates are forced to work until they've learned their lesson. But Stanley’s situation is also highly metaphorical in that his teen prison represents purgatory.

The presiding theory about Disney’s Holes claims the desert juvenile detention center is a parallel to the limbo some Christians believe exists in between Heaven and Hell. This area is a place where souls go to wait out their time until they can ascend to the afterlife. While that might seem a little heavy for a feel-good family movieHoles actually does a great job of keeping things positive, despite all the forced labor. As is the case in the Christian version of purgatory, it's possible to leave Camp Green Lake, assuming you can atone for past sins. In the case of Stanley, this leads to a wildly intriguing kids' mystery story that spans generations.

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