Pygmy And Dwarf Animals That Are So Cute It Hurts

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Everyone knows that tiny versions of animals can be some of the cutest things in the whole world. For some reason, humans just love to see heartwarming pictures of miniature animals. That makes photos of pygmy animals exponentially more adorable, since, unlike puppies or kittens, they're still tiny when they're fully grown.

There aren't many dwarf creatures in the world, but a few that have evolved over the past few thousand years have managed to survive to modern day. The scientific community continues to debate exactly why some animals evolved in this way. It is widely believed that most organisms that decreased dramatically in size did so because it was advantageous. This could mean they are harder to spot and therefore less susceptible to predators, or that their tiny size requires less energy, and therefore less competition for limited resources.

Then, of course, there's the human factor. In some instances, people have purposely bred animals to be as small as possible to serve as pets or simply because they are pleasing to the eye. Whatever the case, sit back and enjoy these pictures of cute pygmy animals.