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Everything You Wanted To Know About The Fab Five Behind 'Queer Eye'

Updated 26 Jun 2018 1.0k views15 items

The Netflix reboot of Queer Eye has introduced a whole new generation to the immense pleasures of this one-of-a-kind makeover show. A major part of that pleasure is the Fab Five, the show's resident group of experts, and the backstories of each Queer Eye guy are just as fascinating as their on-camera personas. This is a truly multicultural, multireligious, and even sexually diverse group, making them the perfect team for one of the best LGBTQ+ shows on Netflix.

First, some fun facts about Queer Eye's Fab Five and how they met. Most of them were brought together at an enormous audition for the Netflix incarnation of the show. They were shuttled in groups of five from table to table of TV bigwigs until the final five were plucked out of their groups and assembled together. "It was like speed-dating," Bobby Berk, Queer Eye's interior design expert, told Variety.

Once you start to learn about the Queer Eye guys, you'll get why their show is one of 2018's most popular topics.

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