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40 Custom QR Codes To Scan And Use In 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players the ability to create and share their own amazing (and original) works of art. By using the Custom Design feature, gamers are able to design virtually anything they want, from their villager's clothing to their furniture, album covers, and even their own wall portraits.

Wondering how these QR codes work? You'll need to download the Nintendo app on your phone and sync your current Nintendo Switch Online account. (This article does a great job of breaking down all the necessary steps). Once your accounts are linked, all you need to do is scan the code, import the design and customize it any way you want.

Gamers have been sharing some of the funniest and most OG designs for players to download. Add these designs to your floor, put them on the walls, showcase them on your shirt—whatever you do, have fun. Vote up all your favorite custom designs in ACNH so other readers won't have to scroll to find all the best models.

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    Horror Movie Villains

    Photo: Nintendo

    From Twitter user @wolfie_monica

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    Vaporwave Aesthetics

    Photo: Nintendo

    From Twitter user @accanvases

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    Classic Album Covers

    Photo: Nintendo
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    Bobby Flay

    Photo: Nintendo

    by user /u/Psymaah

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