The Qualities of a Good Teacher

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Teaching is among the most rewarding and selfless careers out there. Every moment inside a classroom gives a teacher an opportunity to affect childrens' lives by spreading the gift of knowledge. But being a good teacher is no easy feat; the job involves more than just creating lesson plans and dishing out homework assignments. If you're interested in pursuing a teaching career, check out this list of the best qualities in a teacher to see how well you match up.

To be a great teacher, you should genuinely enjoy helping humanity. You need to be committed to the idea that education is one of the highest powers and privileges for children and this passion should extend outside of the classroom into your daily and personal life. If you have a background in Philanthropy, have the qualities of a great leader, and are passionate about education, you’d probably be a great teacher!

Along with being exceptionally nurturing, the best teachers are also passionate about the subjects they teach. Can you remember your favorite teachers? Everyone has one or two of them who really touched our lives - be it their personalities, their passion, or their particular teaching styles, they played a big role in the student or professional you’ve become. And we’re willing to bet that the reason they left such a lasting impression on you can be found somewhere in this list.

So, do you have a relentless passion for education? Do you find yourself revisiting listings for teacher jobs? If you’re considering pursuing a career as a primary school teacher, check out this list of characteristics that we think define a great teacher. If you feel like this list basically defines your personality, it just might be time for you to dive into your career as one of the most timeless and commendable roles on the planet.
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