The Most Important Qualities in Politicians

The most important qualities in politicians are listed here for your viewing, ranking, and voting pleasure. When one thinks of character traits that make a good politician, one thinks of things like integrity and optimism. It takes an intelligent, loyal, and likable person to win any election (whether on the local, state, or national level) let alone succeed as a president. Vote for the qualities of good politicians that you think are the most important.

From tact to charisma, possessing specific traits is critical when communicating with international leaders and constituents alike. That's why leadership qualities should include things like being a diplomatic person... characteristics like integrity and likability that help a person both campaign and lead a body of people. Undetermined politicians who do things based on party lines rather than based on their own morality and sense of independence belong in the category of negative characteristics for politicians.

This is a list that outlines the best qualities in a politician. Whether you consider yourself a political person or a completely neutral person, politician's actions directly affect you and your everyday life. Upvote the political characteristics you think are the most important! 

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Ranked by
  • Integrity
    1,156 votes


  • Intelligence
    1,148 votes


  • Honesty
    1,344 votes


  • Determined
    727 votes


  • Diplomacy
    777 votes


  • Open Mind
    637 votes

    Open Mind