A Woman Goes From Queen Karen Of The HOA To Jailbird After She Is Caught Stealing From Neighbors

Nobody likes a thief, but it takes a person of great chutzpah to not only steal from their friends and neighbors, but also belittle them in the process. In a recent post, Redditor u/california-old-timer shared a story about an entitled woman in their homeowner's association who, rather than admit her mistakes, opted to steal from her neighbors. 

Here is the story. 

(This story was edited due to length. Read the full story here.)

  • The Story Begins When The OP Buys A Luxury Home As An Investment

    "Okay, this happened years ago - 1985, to be exact. I was 45 when this happened; 81 now.

    So after my second retirement, I started doing property management. I bought this 2,500-square-foot luxury home... with the sole intention of renting it out. Now, I didn't know how bad the homeowners association (HOA) was, but when I became the owner, I soon found out. This all took place in two years time."

  • The Head Of The Homeowners Association As Queen Karen Herself

    "Karen would literally have a problem with everyone in the neighborhood. Trash can left out? Fined. Loud music after 10 pm? Fined. Yard sale without permission? Fined. Removing dead plants and replanting without approval? Fined.

    It went on and on like this.

    Now the community could run for the HOA board, but the HOA board chose the president; six out of the 10 members on the board liked Karen, so she always kept her job. Her husband was in the medical field, so he made a lot of money. It got to a point to where she was called Queen Karen in the neighborhood and her dishing out HOA fines."

  • Soon Enough, The OP Ran Afoul Of HOA Karen

    "Now, I used to go in person to collect the rent because the people that rented my house were good friends of mine. I did this for months. So I would park my car by the front of the garage. My friends and I were having some music on, but it wasn't that loud. Queen Karen came over driving her golf cart.

    Queen Karen: Excuse me?!
    Me: Yeah?
    Queen Karen: You have to turn that music down. It's too loud!

    I told her that it was 8 pm and that music that's even loud can be played until 10 pm. She wasn't having it and demanded that I do so. Now, my friends and I kept the music going and we were enjoying ourselves. She proceeded to get angry and fined me."

  • Karen Fined The OP, But The OP Opted To Fight Back... She Did Not Appreciate That

    "Now, most people will just take the abuse and pay the fine. But not me. I went to the HOA board, contested the fine, and won. From that point on, Queen Karen made it her personal mission to destroy me. She would b**ch and fuss about every little thing. 

    I fought what I could, but I did end up paying for some of it. She also went after my tenants, which made things worse for me.

    I had a sit-down with my friends one night to discuss the problem. When I parked my car, Queen Karen came over in her robe and said I have to park somewhere else. I did because I didn't want to start anything."

  • It Was Soon Discovered That Queen Karen Was Stepping Out On Her King

    "We see her go back into her house and embrace a man that isn't her husband. We were being nosey and we came to the conclusion that she was cheating on her husband. (Spoiler alert: she was!)

    My friends and I told Queen Karen's husband. I'm sure he did some investigation because three months later they divorced and he was moving his stuff out. Now, gossip said that Queen Karen got nothing because she was the one that cheated and she didn't have a job. So she wasn't entitled to the money."

  • Matters Went From Bad To Worse To Highly Suspicious

    "From this point on Queen Karen had a massive decline in the quality of life that she had. She sold her car and got a cheaper one and she adopted different dressing habits. But even after the divorce she never got a job and she was still living somewhat better than everyone else.

    Fast forward to February 1986, Queen Karen and the HOA had been giving out fines for very obscure things and increased monthly dues. Having trash cans out a couple of hours early or after the trash man left would result in a fine. Targeting people that had older or dirty cars - goes on and on. 

    Me and the other people the community were sick of the cr*p that she and the HOA where pulling. So at the next meeting, we voiced our concerns."