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A Woman Goes From Queen Karen Of The HOA To Jailbird After She Is Caught Stealing From Neighbors

Nobody likes a thief, but it takes a person of great chutzpah to not only steal from their friends and neighbors, but also belittle them in the process. In a recent post, Redditor u/california-old-timer shared a story about an entitled woman in their homeowner's association who, rather than admit her mistakes, opted to steal from her neighbors. 

Here is the story. 

(This story was edited due to length. Read the full story here.)

  • It Was Soon Discovered That Queen Karen Was Stepping Out On Her King

    "We see her go back into her house and embrace a man that isn't her husband. We were being nosey and we came to the conclusion that she was cheating on her husband. (Spoiler alert: she was!)

    My friends and I told Queen Karen's husband. I'm sure he did some investigation because three months later they divorced and he was moving his stuff out. Now, gossip said that Queen Karen got nothing because she was the one that cheated and she didn't have a job. So she wasn't entitled to the money."

  • Matters Went From Bad To Worse To Highly Suspicious

    "From this point on Queen Karen had a massive decline in the quality of life that she had. She sold her car and got a cheaper one and she adopted different dressing habits. But even after the divorce she never got a job and she was still living somewhat better than everyone else.

    Fast forward to February 1986, Queen Karen and the HOA had been giving out fines for very obscure things and increased monthly dues. Having trash cans out a couple of hours early or after the trash man left would result in a fine. Targeting people that had older or dirty cars - goes on and on. 

    Me and the other people the community were sick of the cr*p that she and the HOA where pulling. So at the next meeting, we voiced our concerns."

  • Money Goes Missing, Neighbors Get Angry, And Lawsuits Get Filed

    "Queen Karen said that the community had been falling behind on repairs and that the dues and increase in fines were necessary, especially if people weren't maintaining their own property. She said that it was in the yearly budget report and that we should have read it. 

    The other [angry] residents and I go and read the statement. Now, none of us read it because we take it as... junk mail and disregarded it. But we read the whole statement cover to cover. Queen had increased the HOA budget by 15%, but where that extra money was going remained unknown.

    We went over to her house the next day and demanded to know where the extra money was being spent. But she refused several times. She closed the door and went back to watching TV. We [filed] a joint lawsuit to find out where the money was going.

    In June, we found out."

  • Karen Was Laundering Money So She Wouldn't Have To Work, Given Rent-Free Accommodations By The State

    "Queen Karen was living off HOA fines and dues. The increase is because she was running out of money. She still didn't have a job, so she embezzled from the HOA so she wouldn't have to get a job. Busted! 

    We call the police for her embezzling the money and she was charged with fraud and extortion. The neighbors and I filed a joint lawsuit against Karen to get reimbursement as well. Because she had no money, she had to mortgage her house to pay us all. She later went to federal prison for six years with no parole. Because she went away, no one was paying on her house. The bank foreclosed on it and it was bought by someone else.  

    Honestly, the majority of us didn't want to ruin her life like this. Had she toned down the excessive fines, we would have let her be. But she had to double down and steal from us because she didn't want to get a job."