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Which Queen Song Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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Whether you simply want to ride your bicycle or you're looking for somebody to love, there's a Queen song that describes you innately. Were Freddie and the boys tied to the spiritual side of the universe? Or were they merely the masters of crafting songs that resonate with everyone? Whatever the case, it's clear that Queen references astrology in their music. 

The band is able to accurately describe an astrological sign - whether it's the determined, tactical demeanor of a stone-cold, crazy Capricorn or the sensibilities of a Libra on full display in "Bohemian Rhapsody." There are so many Queen songs that can be tied to zodiac signs, but these 12 are easily the best representations of the signs present in Queen's catalog. 

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    Aries are adventurous and confident - traits that fit well with "We are the Champions," which is arguably Queen's most optimistic track. This powerhouse inspires Queen fans to carry on in the face of adversity until they meet victory.

    Someone born under this sign may identify with the "no time for losers" line that plays through the chorus, because they simply don't have time for a person who can't get with their program. When an Aries has sand kicked in their face, they will not let it affect their overall attitude. 

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    Tauruses are practical, trustworthy people preferring simple, smooth relationships. They work hard every day of their lives, and they want somebody to share in their success and failures. "Somebody to Love" elaborates on this concept, with Freddie Mercury singing about how - despite his fame - he still wants somebody to love. 

    This hardworking sign isn't going to complain about needing someone to adore, but when they do find that special someone, they'll hold on to them for as long as possible.

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    Geminis - like the left-field styling of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" - have a versatility that emerges when their friends least expect it. A Gemini can run hot and cold, then bounce from one thought to the next without much warning. 

    It's hard to guess exactly what a Gemini is going to do at any given moment, but - similar to this song - they move to their own beat.

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    "Don't Stop Me Now" is easily one of Queen's more imaginative songs, and like a Cancer, the tune anticipates what its listeners are seeking. The track rarely repeats lyrics and offers up one of the biggest bangers in a discography full of bangers. 

    The song is all about having a good time without the intrusion of negative energy. Cancers tend to easily get lost in their emotions and cynicism - but when they're at their best, they can be some of the most positive people in the world.