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Ann Casano
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Some people are turned on by a pretty face. Others like long sexy legs or a nice buxom rack. It’s quite apparent that director Quentin Tarantino’s love is feet. He doesn’t hide his foot fascination, in fact he chooses to embrace it in almost every movie that he’s made. These are the most obvious Quentin Tarantino foot fetish scenes in his esteemed filmography.

Because Tarantino is a true auteur (a director with an unmistakable signature style), we can simply gaze upon one of his films for a quick minute, and instantly recognize the movie as Tarantino-esque. For example, the director often blends extreme violence with humor. He, in essence, gets a spectator to laugh that things they normally would not find funny: “Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.” Tarantino also uses a lot of trunk and reverse POV trunk shots. It is amazing, that at some point, some character from a Tarantino movie is almost always going to wind up in the trunk of a car.

You will also see a lot of long tracking shots. The director likes to use highly stylized fluid moving shots in real time. Additionally, Tarantino likes to pay homage to other films and directors. Don’t be surprised to see an old movie poster in the background, or experience a postmodern version of a genre film.

Don’t forget Tarantino’s ability to write memorable dialogue - dialogue that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with moving the plot forward, but instead creates three-dimensional, likable characters, that spectators would otherwise find repugnant. Think Vincent Vega, one of the most beloved characters in film history. He’s a drug-addict and a ruthless hit-man. Yet, he’s Mr. Royale with Cheese, so we’re deeply saddened when he dies halfway through Pulp Fiction.

Of course, then there’s the feet, lots and lots of feet. Tarantino will often have his female characters go barefoot. Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction and The Bride from the Kill Bill saga is almost always without shoes. There’s the memorable dialogue between Vincent and Jules regarding Tony Rocky Horror getting thrown off a four-story balcony because he allegedly gave Marsellus’s wife a foot massage. And, is it an accident that Tarantino is cast as a creepy dude in From Dusk till Dawn, who gets to drink spilled beer by sucking Salma Hayek’s toes?

You may not enjoy feet as much as some people, but who knows, maybe after seeing these iconic Quentin Tarantino feet scenes, you'll change your mind.

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From Dusk till Dawn was written by Tarantino, but directed by Robert Rodriguez. Either way, there's still a foot thing going on, and Tarantino really gets to enjoy this one a lot. The beautiful, seductive, bikini-clad Santanico (Salma Hayek) dances onstage, wrapped by a large snake and surrounded by flames. She stands on top of Richard's (Quentin Tarantino) table and pours beer down her body to her feet, where Richard is there to suck her toes and drink the spilled beverage.

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Melanie has her bare feet, dressed heavily with toes rings, teasingly beside an ice cold cocktail on a coffee table. It's tough to tell who Melanie is trying to seduce more with her feet? The spectator, as Tarantino lovingly frames her feet in close up, or Louis, a recently released convict?

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Abernathy is asleep in the backseat of a car with her feet resting on the ledge of the opened window. Stuntman Mike comes along and first tickles her feet, then licks them. When Abernathy wakes up, she doesn't know what happened. Tarantino lovingly keeps Abernathy's feet in the forefront of the frame throughout most of the scene.

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Pulp Fiction - Mia's Feet

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Every time Tarantino shows the spectator a shot of Mia's feet, she isn't wearing shoes. In fact, the director often chooses to focus on her bare feet when she's walking around her house.