Genius Fan Theories About the Tarantino Universe

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Imagine it’s the 1980s and you’re working in a video store. You’re not just a movie fanatic, but a true student of cinema. You write a script that gets made into a movie directed by Tony Scott called True Romance, and have the wherewithal to link one of the characters in that script (Alabama) with a character from another script you have,  Reservoir Dogs (Mr. White). You also lay out plans for the next script, and the script after that, and even work out connections for five scripts down the line. You plan to expertly intertwine characters and create alternate universes where these characters exist. Then you have to sit, wait, and hope someone notices your elaborate plans. Welcome to the world of Quentin Tarantino. 

Fan theories about Tarantino's films are all over the internet. Such theories begin with the (now confirmed) interconnected universe idea and expand from there. Not all these theories have been proven, and some are pretty far fetched, such as one claiming Bill from Kill Bill survived the five-point-palm-exploding-heart technique.

Regardless of whether a theory proves true, perusing these wildly imaginative works of fan fiction is a bloody good time for Tarantino fans, film buffs, and casual moviegoers alike.