30+ Questionable Things Americans Have Done While Visiting Other Countries

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Vote up the most offensive things Americans have done while visiting other countries.

Not all American tourists are bad. Repeat: not all American tourists are bad.

Many times, what's seen as insulting or questionable behavior is the result of culture shock or simple ignorance. Exploring new areas, meeting new people, and taking in new experiences can be overwhelming, and Americans, like tourists from around the world, may react poorly. 

Americans traveling abroad do have a bit of a reputation, however. Redditors offered up examples of why that might be the case. Americans not only say some weird things to non-Americans, but they also behave in some questionable ways.

Are these things problematic? Sometimes. Insensitive? Often. Offensive? Unfortunately. On the whole, the behaviors of Americans overseas may make you laugh, sigh, or want to cry. Vote up the ones that are shocking enough they might just force you to do all three.

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    Kilts Are Not An Invitation To Try To Catch A Peek

    From u/Carl_Clegg:

    I got stopped by an American tourist as I was on my way to a wedding in my kilt. That prick straight up lifted the back of my kilt to prove I was a true Scotsman.

    My mate intercepted the perfect diving headbutt.

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    This Is All Really Complicated

    From u/Tytonidae7:

    From my job at a youth hostel:

    Explained that Euros are way too complicated and they refused to pay with anything but dollars. Another one complained that they couldn’t read street signs and there should be an English version... in a small town without a lot of tourists.

    Another thing I have seen way too often [in Germany]: they do the Nazi greeting, which is illegal, and they often find it hilarious.

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    What Did The Koala Ever Do To You?

    From u/Istealpotatoes:

    In Australia, [they] shook a koala out of a tree at a wildlife park.

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    Everything's A Souvenir-In-The-Making

    From u/Quack_Candle:

    When I was in France, a couple American tourists tried to sneak out of the Paris Catacombs with a bone they had stolen.