The Most Questionable Foods '90s Kids Ever Put In Their Mouth  

Samantha Dillinger

Of all the dubious choices you made in the 1990s, the most questionable ones probably involved your taste in food, not fashion. Kids' snacks in the '90s harmed your body more than any low-rise jean or camouflage print, and the biggest offenders appear in the video below.

In the '90s, all sorts of terrible things were advertised as "snacks" for children. No one ever really considered the health implications; the bright colors and wacky commercials were so distracting, after all.

Years later, people started doing some research into exactly what was in all those foods. Their findings confirmed what parents wanted to avoid this whole time: they weren't foods so much as they were food coloring and sugar.

Watch the video below to find out which questionable '90s candies are on people's minds today. Much of this stuff may not be on shelves anymore, but some of it is probably still lodged deep in one of your intestines.