Mma The Quickest UFC Knockouts of All Time  

start slideshow Kipp Tribble

There's nothing better than seeing a fantastic knockout in a mixed martial arts fight. It's the equivalent to seeing a grand slam, jarring dunk, or hail Mary. But what's even better then a knockout? A knockout before either fighter even breaks a sweat. Whether it's a single punch or a series of kicks that take a fighter down and out for the count, knockouts are what the audience craves to see during a match. 

While there have been many MMA organizations throughout the years – Pride, Strikeforce, Elite XC, WEC – the one that stands above them all is the UFC. In honor of the great fights they've delivered to us over the years, here is a list of the quickest knockouts in UFC history. We're counting down the 25 greatest, fastest knockouts in the history of MMA fighting. Just be glad you're sitting behind your computer screen instead of looking straight at a fist coming your way.