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The Most Quintessential British Brands

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There are certain brands that are viewed as being quintessentially British. It is rare that a Brit is not pictured as having a pinky finger sticking out as they sip on a cup of tea, or as running from one place to another in the pouring rain, gripping an umbrella as the wind rips it from their hands. From Jack Wills, to Hunter's Wellington boots, to Twinings tea, this is a list of the most quintessential British brands, those brands that are most closely associate with Britain, and the things that all others assume you absolutely need to be properly British.

What makes a brand quintessentially British? Well, it would seem that every British stereotype, from fashion, to diet, to transportation is somehow covered on this list. The quaint qualities of the Brits are represented by well known brands, such as Vivienne Westwood, as well as the more local-known companies such as First Great Western. Taken together, the brands on this list show off the best qualities of British culture, covering every topic down to the very candy British people treat themselves to.

What are the most quintessential British brands? Vote on your favorites below, or add any truly British brands that aren't already listed.

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