The Quintessential Local Fast Food Chain From Your State

Just about everybody has a McDonald's, Taco Bell, Subway, or Starbucks nearby. Although these ubiquitous chains, found around the world, offer beloved menus filled with tasty and quickly served comfort foods, they don’t always have the same charm as hometown, local fast food restaurants.  

Many treasured regional fast food chains offer one-of-a-kind menu items that serve locally inspired cuisine, while others concentrate on more traditional fare prepared from scratch. Tasty Burger even became the "official burger" of the Boston Red Sox - now that’s hometown pride.

  • Alabama - Jack’s

    Alabama - Jack’s
    Photo: Jack's / Facebook

    The first Jack’s opened in 1960 in Homewood, AL. The eatery quickly gained popularity and opened restaurants throughout the region.

    Popular menu items include made-from-scratch biscuits, hand-breaded chicken, big burgers, and hand-scooped shakes.

  • Alaska - Great Alaska Pizza Co.

    The Great Alaska Pizza Company was established in 2003.

    The company prides itself on the quality and value of its pizzas, stating they are "made fresh, with dough made daily, cheese shredded daily, and using fresh ingredients... never frozen.”

  • Arizona - Federico’s 

    Federico’s has more than 30 locations in Arizona and New Mexico offering "authentic Mexican food... for every appetite and budget."

    Menu items are available around the clock because locations are open 24 hours.

  • Arkansas - Slim Chickens

    The first Slim Chickens opened in Fayetteville, AR, in 2003; now more than 100 locations are available in the region.

    The restaurant's lightly hand-breaded premium chicken tenderloins are the foundation of the chain's menu.

  • The first In-N-Out Burger opened in 1948 and was California’s first drive-thru hamburger stand. Now more than 300 locations are open in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Oregon.

    The simple but beloved menu features burgers, fries, beverages, and shakes made fresh to order - no freezing or heat lamps. At many locations, hungry drive-thru customers often encounter a long line of cars that spills onto the street.

  • Colorado - Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard

    Good Times Burgers & Frozen Custard first opened its doors in 1987 in Boulder, CO.

    This quick-service restaurant chain specializes in burgers made from "all-natural, humanely raised, antibiotic-free, no-added-hormone beef," and fresh custard created in small batches throughout the day.