The Best Ways To Quit Chewing Tobacco

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Kicking your tobacco habit may seem like a difficult endeavor, but it’s not impossible. More often than not, following a specific routine can help you stay on track and avoid tobacco products altogether. As chewing tobacco is an addictive substance, it’s usually very difficult to quit. However, that should not stop anyone who wants to improve their health to look into the best ways to quit.

A lot of people who use chewing tobacco assume it's a safer alternative than cigarettes. In fact, many people get away with chewing tobacco in public spaces because they are not smoking it, which is more readily apparent. The problem is that it leads to all of the same health problems as any other tobacco-related product.

This includes some of the most popular ways people have successfully quit chewing tobacco. If you have found success with any of these methods, then upvote them so others can see.

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    Figure Out Your Triggers

    Most people use chewing tobacco to compensate for some stress in their lives. You should write down all situations and events where you feel more inclined to use tobacco. Once you understand your triggers, you can take active steps to avoid them.

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    Get Off It Gradually

    Get Off It Gradually
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    Quitting chewing tobacco cold turkey may not be right for everyone. You should take it one step at a time by first switching to a chewing tobacco that contains a lower percentage of nicotine. You can gradually use it fewer times each day until you quit completely.

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    Make a List of Reasons You Want To Quit

    You are more likely to have successful in your sobriety journey if you constantly remember why you are doing this. You should write down the main reasons you want to be healthier and keep that list somewhere in your home where you can easily look at it. 

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    Tell Your Friends and Family You Are Quitting

    Regardless of which option you pick, you should keep your loved ones in the loop. They deserve to know you are quitting tobacco, so if you seem more on edge than usual, they will know why. Additionally, they can help you stay off tobacco by encouraging you and stopping you from heading over to the liquor store when you feel a craving.

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    Pursue Nicotine Replacement Therapy

    Many users find they still need their nicotine fix after they quit chewing tobacco. You can wean yourself off the substance by using nicotine replacements approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Many pharmacies provide nicotine gum, nasal spray, inhalers, lozenges, and patches.

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    Use Other Oral Substitutes

    People who constantly chew tobacco find it tough to quit because they want to use their mouth for something. You should look into eating sunflower seeds, carrots, beef jerky, or sugarless gum. This allows you to enjoy the sensation of chewing without all the nicotine.

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