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The new-generation question and answer platform Quora is turning heads with its ability to provide solid information from those in the know to those who want to know and you can get in on some of that awesomeness by using these Quora tips and tricks. Sure you can use Quora as is, but why miss out on extra bells and whistles when you can do so much more with the service?

Founded by two former Facebook employees, Quora launched in 2009 with the intent to create a "really good" Q&A site. The founders envisioned a place where spammy questions would be a thing of the past and users could get expert information and advice from the pioneers of their fields. According to some, Quora succeeded in that, providing a place to give and receive definitive and educated answers. But before you jump in and ask or answer Quora queries, take a few and read these tips and tricks and make the most of your time with Quora.

Connect and Share

Using the tools available on your profile settings page, Quora makes it easy for users to connect their social networking sites and external sites to their Quora account. Connecting your Quora account with your Twitter, Facebook and personal blog can be very helpful when used properly.

After connecting your Quora account with other social networking platforms, use the connection to syndicate questions and answers. If you post a question you really need answered or see a killer question you'd also like to know the answer to, syndicate that question to your Twitter, Facebook and blog to put it in front of many more sets of eyes who may be able to help. Similarly, if you post a smashing answer or see another knock an answer out of the park, syndicate that answer and brag about how awesome it is.
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Vote Often

See those little arrows to the left of answers? Those are there for users like you to vote up answers that are really spectacular or vote down answers that are less than satisfactory. Using those voting buttons is not only a way to get involved on questions where you may not be providing an answer but also as a way to tell everyone else if the answer is awesome or not.

Voting up an answer lets people know that the answer is in high quality and accurate while a downvote denotes the question is incorrect or could be much better. Votes are part of the PeopleRank algorithm used by Quora meaning those with more upvotes often have higher PeopleRank and are seen as seniors in the community. Because of this PeopleRank connection to voting, remember to vote based on the quality and accuracy of the answer rather than if you personally agree with the answer or not.
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Take Quora On The Go

In addition to browsing the mobile version of using the web browser on your smartphone, you can also likely download one of many Quora apps available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As of July 2011, Quora was in the process of developing an official app, but did endorse a third-party app created by Thomas Ricouard called Social Questions.

Download the app and take Quora with you when you're mobile. Of course you'll probably have other things to occupy you on the go, but the app will always be there to ask a quick question if one comes to mind or if you find yourself needing to kill some time and want to learn from others on Quora on the go.
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Be An Expert

A big point of Quora is to provide expert answers to specific queries and that level of expertise sets it apart from similar Q&A sites. This means when someone asks a question on specific topics like astro physics or angel investing, they expect an answer from an astro physicist or an angel investor, respectively, not just a random joe. Sure you may have a great idea, but unless you're an expert or well versed on the topic, it's probably best just to lurk in the shadows and learn from those who have the experience and expertise.

If you are an expert on a specific topic, share your experience and knowledge with those who are less versed on that topic. Share the information you learned in college or in the real world with others by answering questions clearly, completely and concisely. Those asking the questions will be appreciative.
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