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The Most Epic Quote Tattoo Fails Ever

Not to sound like Seinfeld or anything, but what’s the deal with tattoos of quotes? Not only does a pile of words twisting up your torso look messy, but we’re modern men and women; we don’t have time to read whatever Charles Bukowski quote you paid some mutant to scar on your body. The only tattoos we have time for are as follows: hot dogs skate boarding, nachos robbing a bank, or slices of pizza drinking a beer and giving a thumbs up. Unfortunately, none of those totally awesome tattoos are on the list. Instead, we’ve compiled this list of the biggest quote tattoo fails in the history of tattoos. For all the English teachers out there, be warned; there be typos within.

A wise man once said, “quote tattoos are idiotic, don’t get one.” We don’t remember that man’s name, but he was smart. Really smart. Below, we’ve got walls of text that cascade down a back like a tidal wave of trash water, out-of-context Shakespeare quotes, and a staggering amount of you’re/your confusion. Seriously, it’s bad.  Why don’t you go through the list and vote on which horrible quote tattoo is THE WORST, and then tell us why you hate it in the comments? If we like your comment, we’ll get it tattooed on our back so we’ll remember it forever.

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    Weakest Guy in the Room

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    If You Want to Show Your Mom How Much You Love Her, Get Yourself a Better Education

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    She Must Eat a Lot of Fruit

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    Please Just Give Up

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