Comic Book Characters Who Deserve R-Rated Adaptations

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R-rated superhero movies don't always do well financially, but Deadpool and Logan achieved great box office success in spite of the adult-themed content. Now, movie studios are seemingly racing to produce the next crass hits. Fans are happy to help out by suggesting all of the comic book characters who should have R-rated movies. Given the often violent and gritty nature of modern comics, there’s no shortage of potential stars for the next Deadpool-style blockbuster.

Indeed, both Marvel and DC Comics have many masked marauders walking the fine line between hero and villain. These anti-heroes could easily hold down R-rated films. Even more traditional caped crusaders, like Batman, could benefit from a movie universe with less restrictions, allowing fans to finally see what the violent world of superheroes actually looks like.

In any case, money talks, and as long as films like Deadpool and Logan continue to make bank, there’s sure to be other characters trying to emulate that success.

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