The Best R-Rated Comic Book Movies

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Comic Book Movies Rated R only

The blockbuster comic book movies of today all have one thing in common: they aim to be family friendly. And while some comics are all for family fun, others are not suitable for children under 17. Now and then studios have decided to take the extra gamble and in turn have created some excellent R-rated comic book movies.  

From bloodbaths to profanity, these comic book movies have stayed true (or in some cases gone beyond) to the mood and spirit of their comic book origins. Adapted from comics containing some of the most compelling stories and artistry in comic book canon,  these cinematic translations borne of realism and artistry have found their way on the R-rated list.

With comic book movies taking box offices by storm, it seems fitting to give kudos to their unsung R-rated brethren. Check out our list of the best R-rated comic book movies to revisit old favorites and find new ones. Just make sure the kids go to bed early.
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