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13 Bizarre Things Most People Don't Know About The Raccoon Dog

Updated 15 Jul 2020 62.5k views13 items

Spending thousands of hours looking at the adorable antics of random dogs and high-spirited raccoons on the Internet is a perfectly viable use of time, but it turns out science has optimized our search efforts for us in the form of the cute raccoon dog. What is the raccoon dog?

This creature - that looks like a raccoon but is a dog - hails from East Asia but has spread across Europe as well due to its to international adopting. No doubt due to its undeniably provocative cuteness. It is thus named because of - surprise, surprise - its resemblance to the common raccoon, but it is in fact more closely related to dogs than raccoons. 

Here come raccoon dog facts for anyone well on their way to declaring this their new favorite animal.

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