WATCH This Raccoon Rescue Led Animal Control To The 6th Floor, But It Didn't Stop There  

Rebecca High

This little raccoon made the news — literally — when he got trapped on the sixth floor ledge of an office building for days. A rescue crew was finally called in, and local news captured it all on this video.

Swat Critter Solutions finally had to use a lift to get up to him, then various nets and accoutrement to get the raccoon back to the ground. But once on the ground, the critter took off, skittering through parking lots, across cars, through yards.

And of course, no trip back to the sweet, sweet, earth would be complete without a quick swing through Popeye's, and the raccoon definitely followed up.

But the rescue crew wouldn't let it go, and when the raccoon made a final beeline for a warm car engine, the crew traced it and rescued it before handing it off to a rehab center in the hopes that it will recuperate and be able to return to the wild before too long. Watch the video to see this resilient little guy and his happy-for-now ending.