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The Best Rachel McAdams Movies

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Here are the best Rachel McAdams movies, ranked best to worst with movie trailers when available. Since starring as Regina George in Mean Girls, Rachel McAdams quickly became a Hollywood A-lister with her performances in romantic films like The Notebook and The Time Traveler's Wife. Rachel McAdams's highest grossing movies have received a lot of accolades over the years, earning millions upon millions around the world. The order of these top Rachel McAdams movies is decided by how many votes they receive, so only highly rated Rachel McAdams movies will be at the top of the list. Rachel McAdams has been in a lot of films, so people often debate each other over what the greatest Rachel McAdams movie of all time is. If you and a friend are arguing about this then use this list of the most entertaining Rachel McAdams films to end the squabble once and for all.

If you think the best Rachel McAdams role isn't at the top, then upvote it so it has the chance to become number one. The greatest Rachel McAdams performances didn't necessarily come from the best movies, but in most cases they go hand in hand.

List is made up of many different films, including Spotlight, Wedding Crashers, and Sherlock Holmes.

"This list answers the questions, "What are the best Rachel McAdams movies?" and "What are the greatest Rachel McAdams roles of all time?"


  • 1

    The Notebook

    Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling

    Character: Allison "Allie" Hamilton

    The Notebook is a 2004 American romantic drama film directed by Nick Cassavetes and based on...  more

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  • 2

    Mean Girls

    Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams

    Character: Regina George

    Mean Girls is a 2004 American teen comedy film. Mark Waters directed, and Tina Fey wrote the...  more

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  • 3

    About Time

    Rachel McAdams, Margot Robbie

    Character: Mary

    About Time is a 2013 British romantic comedy-drama film directed by Richard Curtis. A young...  more

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  • 4

    Wedding Crashers

    Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn

    Character: Claire Cleary

    Wedding Crashers is a 2005 American comedy film directed by David Dobkin. John Beckwith (Owen...  more

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  • 5

    The Vow

    Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum

    Character: Paige Collins

    The Vow is a 2012 romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy, starring Channing Tatum and...  more
  • 6

    Sherlock Holmes

    Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law

    Character: Irene Adler

    Sherlock Holmes is a 2009 period mystery action film directed by Guy Ritchie, based on the...  more

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  • 7

    Morning Glory

    Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford

    Character: Becky Fuller

    Morning Glory is a 2010 American comedy film directed by Roger Michell, written by Aline Brosh...  more

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  • 8

    Red Eye

    Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy

    Character: Lisa Reisert

    Red Eye is a 2005 American thriller film directed by Wes Craven and starring Rachel McAdams as...  more

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  • 9


    Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton

    Character: Sacha Pfeiffer

    Spotlight is a 2015 American biographical drama film directed by Tom McCarthy. The true story...  more

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  • 10

    Midnight in Paris

    Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard

    Character: Inez

    Midnight in Paris is an American 2011 romantic comedy fantasy film written and directed by...  more

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  • 11

    The Time Traveler's Wife

    Rachel McAdams, Eric Bana

    Character: Clare Abshire

    The Time Traveler's Wife is a 2009 American romantic science fiction drama film directed by...  more

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  • 12

    Game Night

    Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams

    Character: Annie Davis

    Game Night is a 2018 American comedy thriller film directed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan...  more

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  • 13


    Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal

    Character: Maureen Hope

    Southpaw is a 2015 American sports drama film directed by Antoine Fuqua. A champion boxer...  more

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  • 14

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    Rachel McAdams, Robert Downey Jr.

    Character: Irene Adler

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows is a 2011 British-American action mystery film directed by...  more

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  • 15

    Doctor Strange

    Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor

    Character: Christine Palmer

    Doctor Strange is a 2016 American superhero film directed by Scott Derrickson, based on the...  more

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  • 16

    State of Play

    Rachel McAdams, Ben Affleck

    Character: Della Frye

    State of Play is a 2009 political thriller film. It is an adaptation of the six-part British...  more
  • 17

    The Little Prince

    Rachel McAdams, Marion Cotillard

    Character: The Mother (Voice)

    The Little Prince is a 2015 animated fantasy adventure family drama film directed by Mark...  more

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  • 18

    The Lucky Ones

    Rachel McAdams, Tim Robbins

    Character: Colee Dunn

    The Lucky Ones is a 2008 film directed by Neil Burger....  more
  • 19

    The Family Stone

    Rachel McAdams, Sarah Jessica Parker

    Character: Amy Stone

    The Family Stone is a 2005 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Thomas Bezucha....  more

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  • 20

    Married Life

    Rachel McAdams, Pierce Brosnan

    Character: Kay Nesbitt

    Married Life is a 2007 American drama period film directed by Ira Sachs. The screenplay by...  more
  • 21

    The Hot Chick

    Rachel McAdams, Adam Sandler

    Character: Jessica Spencer / Clive Maxtone

    The Hot Chick is a 2002 American comedy film about a teenage girl whose mind is magically...  more

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  • 22


    Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone

    Character: Tracy Woodside

    Aloha is a 2015 American romantic comedy-drama film written, produced and directed by Cameron...  more
  • 23


    Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams

    Character: Esti Kuperman

    Disobedience is a 2017 British-Irish-American drama film directed by Sebastián Lelio, based on...  more
  • 24


    Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace

    Character: Christine Stanford

    Passion is a 2013 thriller film written by Natalie Carter,Alain Corneau and Brian De Palma ...  more
  • 25

    Character: Sigrit Ericksdottir

    Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is a 2020 American comedy film directed by...  more

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