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11 Insanely Cringeworthy And Racist Attempts To Diversify Toy Lines

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Toy companies are always looking to diversify their inventory, because it helps fatten up the bottom line. That usually just means cheap re-paints or color shifts, but sometimes they let the "creatives" run wild and we end up with some truly racist toys. Sure, in a few cases it might just be simple oversight, but in others the overt stereotype shines through loud and clear.

And while racist action figures might have passed muster a few decades ago – even though they shouldn't have – surely we have moved past those dark times, right? Not so. There are still plenty of toys that are racist popping up on shelves today, and it's a solid bet the trend isn't going away anytime soon. Sure some of these examples might be accidental racism, but come on, y'all. We should be better than this.