14 Rage Monsters We'd Love To See Throw Hands With The Hulk

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There are few superhero tropes more interesting to watch over and over than rage monster characters. These are the characters that, like the Hulk, behave and appear one way until they get angry. Then, once the anger starts pumping through their veins, all bets are off. They get bigger, meaner, and more aggressive. Some of these characters get so big and mean, in fact, that they could possibly even take on the Hulk. 

It's fun when a villain has anger-based superpowers - and incredibly interesting when a hero has them. The person inside the monster wants to save the world and protect the innocent, but all bets are off once the rage monster takes over. 

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    Photo: Dragon Ball Super: Broly / Toei Company

    Broly is a legendary Super Saiyan, which is a type of warrior in Dragon Ball Z that only appears once every 1,000 years. Even from birth, Broly's power was already over 10,000. By the time Broly became an adult, it reached levels that were literally off the charts. And not only does Broly start strong, he only gets stronger during a fight. 

    Broly is able to tap into a state known as "wrathful" where he can use the powers of a Great Ape while staying in his human form. In this form, Broly becomes 10-times stronger than he was before, but it's harder for him to control himself. 

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    Photo: DC Comics

    In the DC Universe, the various Lantern Corps (with green being the most prominent) are powered by different parts of the emotional spectrum. The green rings are fueled through the user's willpower, the yellow rings are fueled through fear, and the red rings are fueled through rage. 

    Atrocitus is not only the leader of the Red Lantern Corps; he's also the first Red Lantern to exist. Because Atrocitus's ring is fueled through rage, the angrier he becomes, the more powerful he is. The core of Atrocitus's rage comes from his time being imprisoned by the Guardians of the Universe for thousands of years. So, Atrocitus has a lot of pent-up anger to call upon in his battles. 

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    Photo: God of War / Sony Interactive Entertainment

    Kratos is a demi-god, which means he's a sort of half-god where he has one human parent, and the other parent is Zeus himself. Kratos was a simple soldier in Sparta until the demise of his wife and child led him to take out the God of War and take that mantle for himself. 

    Kratos has an ability known as Spartan Rage that temporarily enhances his strength and speed. While using Spartan Rage, Kratos becomes so powerful that he can rip apart enemies with his bare hands. 

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    Photo: Godzilla vs. Kong / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Godzilla is an ancient monster and the apex predator of Earth. Godzilla spends most of his time deep underwater, where he can feed off of Earth's natural radiation, but he does come above water from time to time to defend his title as an apex predator and keep the other Kaiju in check. 

    Godzilla is a ferocious fighter who seems fueled by some sort of inherent rage against any who would upset the natural balance of Earth. He's incredibly strong, as shown by the countless skyscrapers he has practically accidentally knocked down, and he has won fights against King Kong and King Ghidorah. Godzilla is also capable of releasing his pent-up radiation in the form of massive laser blasts that fire out of his mouth. 

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  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Photo: Naruto / Pierrot

    Naruto, the protagonist of the long-running anime Naruto, started out as a young pre-teen ninja with a lot to prove. Throughout the series, Naruto trains and becomes one of the most powerful ninjas of all time. 

    Naruto is uniquely gifted in that he has the ability to transform into nine different tailed beasts. When Naruto gets really angry, he can turn into the ultra-powerful Nine-Tails, like after the demise of Hinata. In this form, Naruto is incredibly powerful (thanks to the Nine-Tails giving him access to reserves of Chakra), but he also becomes more aggressive and vicious. 

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    Photo: DC Comics

    Kitty Faulkner is a Metropolis-based scientist who was working on a project called the Bio-Energy Actualizer. But an accident while demonstrating the project led to Kitty getting contaminated with radiation and turning her into an eight-foot tall creature called Rampage. 

    Rampage absorbs energy - primarily solar radiation - which she then uses to fuel incredible abilities. Rampage is strong, fast, and durable enough to take on Superman in a fight. And if Rampage stays out in direct sunlight, she only becomes more powerful. The only way Superman was able to defeat her was by absorbing the radiation out of her body, which turned her back into Kitty Faulkner. 

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