16 Random Anime You Probably Haven't Watched In Years

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Vote up anime you totally forgot about, but actually enjoyed watching back in the day.

With tons of new anime coming out every season, it's pretty much impossible to remember every show you see. Some shows have more staying power than others. No matter how old they get, anime fans aren't likely to forget Neon Genesis Evangelion or Cowboy Bebop, but the same can't be said for Time of Eve or Pandora Hearts. Of course, that's not to say that these forgotten anime shows are bad - in fact, they're actually a delight, though they lack time in the spotlight. 

Just like obscure Nickelodeon shows, the anime on this list aren't the first series that come to mind when deciding which anime to recommend. Take a look at this list of older shows that slipped your mind and remember how good they were! Depending on your feelings about the anime in question, it will be a nostalgia trip, or it will remind you of why you forgot it in the first place. Vote up the anime you seriously forgot existed, but had a lot of fun watching in the past.