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16 Fascinating Stories We Learned About Ernest Hemingway's Legendary Life

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Ernest Hemingway lived a life full of legendary exploits including being a Bronze Star recipient and winner of both the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes. He set a world record for a catch he made as a fisherman in 1938, was a boxer, big game hunter, war correspondent, and bullfighting aficionado to name a few. His 27 books and over 50 short stories are known masterpieces of American literature and his life was filled with the adventures that most of us only dream of. Below is a round-up of facts we learned about Ernest Hemingway's life courtesy of r/todayilearned.

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    Ernest Hemingway Survived Two Plane Crashes In Two Days When His Rescue Plane From The First Burst Into Flames

    He was being airlifted to the hospital from the first accident when the second plane burst into flames. The door was jammed and he was forced to head-butt it open, later suffering a concussion.  It is said that he emerged from the jungle in good spirits saying, "my luck, she is running good."

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    Hemingway Was A Survivor Of A Myriad Of Ailments And Illnesses

    "It seemed as if the only thing that could kill Hemingway was Hemingway himself."

    - Tibi Puiu, ZME Science

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    During WWII, Hemingway Dropped His Non-Combat Insignia And Posed As A Colonel To Lead A Fench Resistance Mission

    Photo: Reddit / Wikimedia Commons

    "Hemingway went on to take a much more active role in the combat he was there to document, often assuming the role of a soldier himself in direct violation of the Geneva Convention’s guidelines for war correspondents."

    - Chris, Art of Manliness

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    Hemingway Converted His Fishing Boat Into A U-Boat Hunting Machine

    "His boat [Pilar, which is the nickname of his wife Pauline], was outfitted with communications gear including high-frequency direction finding or 'Huff-Duff' equipment, a Thompson submachine gun, and hand grenades. Most accounts state that any effort to attack a submarine would be futile but Hemingway wrote about his intent to attack if he spotted a sub. Other accounts of these patrols imply that they were a farce and that he did them in return for extra gas rations and immunity from Cuban police for driving drunk."

    - Wikipedia