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20 Fascinating Things We Learned About Theodore Roosevelt That Prove He Was An Absolute Savage

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At the 1900 Republic Convention, Roosevelt was nominated for the one position he truly did not want- the Vice President of the United States. Roosevelt reluctantly agreed to accept the nomination under William McKinley; however, just six months after his inauguration, the President was assassinated and Theodore Roosevelt Became the 26th President. 

Roosevelt was an energetic self-starter. By 1898, he had been a writer, a sheriff, a New York assemblyman, president of the Board of New York City Police Commissioners, member of the U.S. Civil Service, and Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

Among his many achievements and wide range of interests, Roosevelt is remembered for his exuberant personality, cowboy persona, and for being one of the most dynamic, popular, important, and controversial Presidents in US history. 

Below is a round-up of fascinating things we learned about the extraordinary life of Theodore Roosevelt - be sure to vote up your favorites!

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    Roosevelt Is The Only Person To Ever Be Recognized For The Highest Honors Of Both War And Peace

    He was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously and 103 years after the cited period of service in 2001.

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    Roosevelt Once Tracked And Recaptured His Stolen Boat From Thieves

    Afraid the prisoners would get frostbite, Roosevelt stayed away for 36 hours to turn the thieves into the sheriff of the Dakota badlands. Among the most amazing feats of the 300-mile journey to find his lost boat, he chose to keep all of his prisoners alive and speak in their defense as one of them was mentally handicapped and likely did not understand what he was doing. 

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    Roosevelt Loved To Serve His Country So Much That He Volunteered For Service In WWI

    Teddy Roosevelt is the only president to have been awarded the Medal of Honor after his passing.

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    Roosevelt Gave A 90 Minute Speech With A Bullet Lodged In His Chest After An Assassanation Attempt

    "On October 14, 1912, while campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Roosevelt was shot by a saloonkeeper named John Flammang Schrank. The bullet lodged in his chest after penetrating his steel eyeglass case and passing through a thick 50-page book in his jacket. Schrank was immediately disarmed, captured, and might have been lynched had Roosevelt not shouted for Schrank to remain unharmed."

    - Wikipedia