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20 Disturbing Random Facts That Keep Us Up At Night

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These freaky facts are as interesting as they are terrifying. From finding out that corpses litter Lake Superior to discovering that bedbugs can live for months without food, here's an interesting assortment of disturbing facts that will probably keep you up at night.  

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    Bedbugs Are Incredibly Difficult To Kill

    Posted by u/fudgechilli:

    Bed bugs can survive for up to a year without feeding under the correct temperatures. As adults the females can lay 300 eggs in their lifetimes. You could be spending thousands of dollars and eventually just get infested again. And bed bugs are making a comeback after almost being eradicated.

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    Decapitation Doesn't Immediately Work

    Posted by u/gothic-interior

    According to some research, a human head may remain conscious for up to 30 seconds after decapitation.

    Most notably, a man named Dr. Beaurieux did a series of experiments in the early 1900s where he yelled at recently decapitated criminal’s heads and saw a response.

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    Crucifixion Is A Terrible Way To Go

    Posted by u/existential-misery:

    When people are crucified, they rarely die from bleeding out; instead, they die from asphyxiation, or suffocation. The way their bodies are hung makes it almost impossible to breathe unless they physically hold themselves up instead of just hanging there, and after some many hours it gets to be to much, resulting in oxygen deprivation, unconsciousness, and death.

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    Komodo Dragons Are Nature's Creepy Serial Killers

    Posted by u/Malifry9705:

    Komodo dragons poison their victims and then follow them for hours on end. Then once the victim is thoroughly exhausted and poisoned, it tears it to shreds and eats it alive.

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