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20 Disturbing Random Facts That Keep Us Up At Night

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These freaky facts are as interesting as they are terrifying. From finding out that corpses litter Lake Superior to discovering that bedbugs can live for months without food, here's an interesting assortment of disturbing facts that will probably keep you up at night.  

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    It Might Already Be Too Late

    Posted by u/zerbey:

    You may already be dying. Many fatal diseases have no symptoms until it's too late. 

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    There Is No Cure For Advanced Rabies

    Posted by u/JEJoll:

    If you begin to display [severe] symptoms of rabies you will go crazy and die. There's no cure.  

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    Lake Superior Is Filled With Human Remains

    Posted by u/HumanityIsACesspool:

    Lake Superior has dead bodies from the 1920s.

    With freezing temperatures and a lack of oxygen, bodies don't decompose at the rate they would under normal conditions. Sure, they don't look as "fresh" as the day they died (in fact they're covered in bodily fat from saponification), but they can be recognized as human remains.

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    Insomnia Is More Dangerous Than You Think

    Posted by u/feedayeen:

    Sleep helps your immune system fight off those cancer cells, just think of that when you're up at 4AM.

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