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Us Browncoats (that's fans of Firefly for the uninformed!) can agree on one thing: every episode of our beautiful, short-lived showed was gorram brilliant. But wouldn't it be great to have a consensus on how the episodes would be ranked, from all of us? Vote her to move your faves up the list, and make that tough choice about which ones should be farther down this sadly small list. PS - Serenity of course refers to the pilot episode, not the subsequent film.
Out of Gas is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Rank the Episodes of Firefly
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The 8th episode chronologically,Out of Gas was the 5th episode aired by the FOX network. In what many consider Whedon's finest work, the episode begins with a shot of Malcolm Reynolds alone and bleeding to death on his ship. A series of flashbacks show us how Mal met each of his crew members, as well as the 72 hours that led up to the Captain's current situation. While "Out of Gas" being Whedon's single best episode is arguable, what can't be argued is that it is a work of art.

In a delirious state after Serenity's engine explodes, draining the ship of its oxygen supply, Mal has a series of flashbacks about how he came to own Serenity and form his crew. ...more on Wikipedia

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Even though Firefly was cancelled, it's (chronological) final episode certainly function as a beautiful (albeit it unfair) finale. When an insane bounty hunter boards the ship to capture River, his interactions with each crew member give us beautiful insight's into each individual's personality. And also, River is a ship. This episode was the second-to-last episode aired by the FOX network, followed only by the pilot episode, Serenity. (Yes, FOX is that stupid.)

A bounty hunter boards the Serenity to capture River for the Alliance. ...more on Wikipedia

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The 9th episode of the series, Ariel was the 8th episode aired by the FOX network. Simon gives the crew of Serenity a job to do: he tells them how to rob an alliance hospital for drugs worth loads of money, and they in turn sneak him and River into the hospital and allow him the time to examine her brain with hospital equipment. Jayne tries to turn in the siblings to the Alliance, but his plan fails and Mal threatens to throw him off the ship.

The crew visit the planet Ariel because Inara needs to receive an annual Companion physical. The crew is offered a surprising job by Simon: in return for stolen medicine he wants them to get him into a hospital to use a high-end scanner to diagnose River. Simon devises a plan - Kaylee and Wash browse through the local dump and find parts to make an imitation emergency vehicle so the crew can get into the hospital posing as EMTs. Simon and River pose as corpses with the aid of a drug Simon has. While Mal and Zoe round up some medicine, Jayne stays with River and Simon, who are unaware he has ratted them out to the Alliance in return for money. Jayne rushes Simon through the examination and on ...more on Wikipedia

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The 2 hour pilot episode that introduces each character and the entire show, this episode was the first of the series - and the last one aired by the FOX network. Because, you know, that makes perfect sense.

Serenity continues to travel through space conducting illegal runs across the star system, which is under the control of The Alliance. A powerful and fearsome mobster named Adelei Niska demands that the crew of Serenity pull a train robbery. The train is carrying medical supplies for a community, and Reynolds and Zoe get held on suspicion. They get free with Inara's help but realize they were tricked and try to return Niska's money. His henchman isn't too happy, but Mal "persuades" the next guy to take the money back. Meanwhile, two blue-handed, black-suited operatives close in on River. ...more on Wikipedia

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