Rank the Seasons of 'Breaking Bad'

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Grab a Xanax and prepare for your heart rate to increase - we're ranking the best seasons of Vince Gilligan's hit TV series, Breaking Bad. From the first time we meet Walt and Jesse, to the explosive series finale, there was no shortage of titillating moments to keep viewers on the edge of there seats throughout all five incredible seasons of Breaking Bad

What was the best season of Breaking Bad? Seasons 5 tops our list - it has been widely touted as the most perfect series finale of all time. Gilligan didn't waste anyone's time by drawing out the series with useless, winding plot lines. Instead, he ended Breaking Bad in a natural place that made the most sense, even if it did send BrBa fans worldwide spiraling into withdrawal. If you find yourself missing this unforgettable series, watch more shows like Breaking Bad.

You may think that the seasons with the highest body counts were best, or you might feel that Walt's creation of the Heisenberg alter-ego defined the series. Perhaps you believe that the nursing home explosion was one of the most epic hits in history, or maybe it revved you up when the white supremacist gang took out ten potential informants that might have brought down the Heisenberg drug operation. The best thing about Breaking Bad is that the moments when Walt is fighting for his family are just as intriguing as the moments when he's building up his drug empire.

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