Mikaela & Jack Reveal Their Picks For Unintentionally Funny Scenes In The  'Twilight' Franchise

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It's been well over a decade since the world was first introduced to Stephenie Meyer's brainchild, but the relationship between a moody teen and her 104-year-old sparkly vampire boyfriend is still the talk of the town in many social circles. And though Bella and Edward might inspire lovelorn teens to pick a team (Edward or Jacob), for many folks, it just tends to inspire laughter. 

Rank vs. Rank hosts Mikaela and Jack offer their take on the best (worst?) unintentionally funny moments from the Twilight franchise. From theater kids playing baseball to supersonic tree-climbing skills, here are a few serious moments from the Twilight series that are difficult to watch with a straight face.


  • Bella's First Day Of School

    Bella's First Day Of School

    9 votes

    Jack's #5

    "She shows up in class and there's Edward Cullen, sitting there, and he kind of like starts smelling [her]...he looks so disgusted...
    This is the most effort Robert Pattinson put into the entire movie."

  • 'Hold On Tight, Spider Monkey'

    'Hold On Tight, Spider Monkey'

    9 votes

    Jack's #1

    "He puts her on his back, then he runs at the speed of sound uphill, and the way they shoot it is...really terrible. They are moving really fast, his legs are not moving as fast as they should even though they are being sped up. Did anybody check this, that this looks good?" 

  • Bella Confronts Edward About Being A Vampire

    Bella Confronts Edward About Being A Vampire

    1 votes

    Jack & Mikaela's #3

    Mikaela: "There's a whole lot to this scene that is funny, but I just love the concept that he's like, 'Say it out loud! Say I'm a vampire!'

    Jack: "I was unaware of this. I knew about the baseball scene, I that he was a vampire, and I knew the other meme stuff. I did not know that he sparkled! And that was a real twist to me when I watched this movie."

  • Jacob Imprints On Renesmee

    Jacob Imprints On Renesmee

    1 votes

    Jack & Mikaela's #2

    Mikaela: "She wakes up from this coma, has a daughter, is a vampire now. All this stuff happens to her, and they are like, 'Hey, by the way, Jacob imprinted on your kid.'"

    Jack: "This might be the most f***ed up scene. 'Oh, by the way, I'm in love with your baby."

  • Bella's First Day Of School

    Bella's First Day Of School

    1 votes

    Mikaela's #1

    "Her walking into class, a fan behind her blowing her scent towards Edward and him just looking absolutely repulsed."

  • Edward And Bella's Honeymoon

    Edward And Bella's Honeymoon

    1 votes

    Jack's Honorable Mention

    "After they get married, the first time Bella and Edward knock boots, and they just KNOCK BOOTS! They break the damn bed."