Mikaela Pascal And Jack O'Shea Rank Their All-Time Favorite Pixar Movies

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Vote up the films from Pixar Animation Studios you agree are the bee's knees and vote down the Pixar movies you think Mikaela and Jack are overrating.

For decades now, Pixar has been the go-to for high quality animated movies that make kids and adults alike both laugh heartily and sob relentlessly in pure sadness. With movies about lovelorn robots, airborne widowers, and rodents who are all about French cuisine, Pixar's made something for everyone.

In the latest installment of Rank vs. Rank, your intrepid hosts Mikaela Pascal and Jack O'Shea get down the business of ranking their favorite films from the animation powerhouse. As always, they entertaingly break down their picks, and we defy you to finish this video without thinking "Same!" at some point. After all, the duo (known as @Mikaela_Pascal and @JackThePoolBoy, respectively) dig deep into what makes these movies so dang appealing and affecting.

So vote up your favorites, compare with Jack and Mikaela, and check out Ranker's popular list of the best Pixar movies to see how your standbys stack up.


  • Toy Story 3
    20 votes

    Mikaela's #2

    "They wrapped up Toy Story 3 in this perfect bow. All the toys go to a new little girl and they're happy."

  • Finding Nemo

    Jack's #5

    "It's not just a whole universe. It's literally the entire ocean."

  • Mikaela and Jack's #1

    "The Incredibles is the greatest movie of all time. I love the idea that it's a superhero family and it's kind of illegal to be a superhero."

  • Mikaela and Jack's #3

    "I love cartoons that show the business side of things."

  • Toy Story 2

    Jack's #4

    "They take all the best parts of Toy Story - all the witty banter and all the good lessons - and they just ramp it up even more."

  • Inside Out
    1 votes

    Jack's #2

    "There's an argument that this one of the best movies, like, ever."