Rank Vs. Rank: Tackling The Scariest Viral Videos Of All Time

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Vote up the viral videos that have given you nightmares, and vote down the ones that were never all that spooky.

Thanks to YouTube, it's easy as pie to absolutely terrify yourself in the comfort and security of your own home in just a matter of minutes. Thanks to thousands (if not millions) of viral videos out there, all sorts of jump scares, panic attacks, and night terrors are only a click away. Thanks, internet!

In a fresh Rank vs. Rank, Jack and Mikaela chat with special guests Dang Matt Smith and Sarah Kaynee about the scariest viral videos in the history of the internet. From creepy animated figures to very real scenarios featuring the monsters of the ocean, here is a look at the most distressing and scary short-form videos to ever make the rounds on the internet.

  • 'Bragg Road Crazy Scary Ghost Lady'

    'Bragg Road Crazy Scary Ghost Lady'

    16 votes

    Matt & Sarah's #3
    Sarah: "Someone's grandma got out of the nursing home."
    Matt: "You just never know what you are going to find on a creepy, dark road."

  • 'Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl In The Mirror'

    'Creepy Grudge Ghost Girl In The Mirror'

    11 votes

    Matt & Sarah's #1
    Jack: "That one broke me. I remember that. I was in eighth grade. You see it and you are like, 'My life will never be the same.'"
    Matt: "It's terrifying. Now I just can't look at mirrors."

  • 'I Feel Fantastic'

    'I Feel Fantastic'

    25 votes

    Jack & Mikaela's #2
    Mikaela: "It's this creepy doll person singing a very scary song... The whole video is just this weird 'I Feel Fantastic' song."

  • 'Scary Maze Game'

    'Scary Maze Game'

    10 votes

    Matt & Sarah's #5
    Matt: "It just starts off and you think, 'Everything's good, everything's normal, everything's chillin''

    ...but then, it's not."

  • 'Car Driving Down A Hill'

    'Car Driving Down A Hill'

    15 votes

    Jack & Mikaela's #4 and Matt & Sarah's #4
    Jack: "It starts so innocent. It's almost like a car commercial..." 
    Sarah: "My middle school gave us all laptops, and this video single-handedly got YouTube banned off those laptops."

  • 'Send This To Your Friends And See Who Gets Scared'

    'Send This To Your Friends And See Who Gets Scared'

    3 votes

    Matt & Sarah's #2
    Jack: "This is the new type of scary video where there is real effort. They know what they are doing." 
    Matt: "I'm glad I don't have a basement, 'cause if I did, I'd lock that up."