Mikaela & Jack Rank The Greatest Villains In Spider-Man Movies

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Vote up the cinematic Spidey bad guys you agree are nefariously fun and vote down the villains you think these two are overrating.

Any serious conversation about the best superhero rogues galleries has to include Spider-Man's foes, and any un-serious conversation about the best Spider-Man villains has to include the bad guys who've jumped from comics to movies.  Three different live-action Peters Parker and a whole mess of animated Spider-Persons have brawled with all manner of baddies onscreen, and our Rank vs. Rank hosts Mikaela Pascal and Jack O'Shea are swinging in to rank the villains in webslinging movies, from Spider-Man on through No Way Home.

Do you agree with their choices? Are they underrating Alfred Molina's Doctor Octopus or overrating Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterious? Watch the latest Rank vs. Rank and vote accordingly below.


  • Green Goblin

    Mikaela and Jack's #1

    "Willem Dafoe is just the best. You just can't beat him as a villain."

  • Mysterio
    4 votes

    Mikaela's #4

    "He fooled everyone to be 'the good guy' and that is always the ultimate villain mastermind."

  • Vulture
    6 votes

    Jack's #5 and Mikaela's #3

    "The entire time, I totally get what he's doing. He's providing for his family."

  • Mikaela's #2 and Jack's #3

    "This is another formation of a supervillain where it's a really good guy, really smart guy, but he was taken over. It's not his fault."

  • Kingpin
    0 votes

    Jack's #4

    "I just love how they portray him. He's, like, the widest human being alive."

  • Venom
    0 votes

    Mikaela's #5

    "It's such a creepy, scary, but very cool villain. What do you call him? I feel like he's an anti-hero of some sort."