Mikaela Pascal And Jack O'Shea Rank Their All-Time Favorite TV Couples

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Vote up the couples from TV shows that live in your heart rent-free forever and ever.

TV couples: they're just like real couples, but less obnoxious. When you actually have to hang around with a pair of people in a romantic relationship, it can be weird. Maybe they're not good together. Maybe they're too good together. Maybe you miss the times when you could simply hang out with your friend rather than your friend and her boyfriend. On TV, however, your parasocial relationships can run wild, and you can effectively and happily become the third wheel in fictious romances. 

In the latest installment of Rank vs. Rank, adorable couple Jack O'Shea and Mikaela Pascal share their all-time favorite TV couples. The two (known as @Mikaela_Pascal and @JackThePoolBoy, respectively) break down just why each responds powerfully to, say, a presidential affair or two shallow connivers in Scranton, PA. 

So vote up the couples you agree are great and vote down those that just don't quite work for you. 


  • Jay And Gloria

    Jay And Gloria

    6 votes

    Mikaela's #1

    "As you keep watching, they really, really care about each other."

  • Lily And Marshall

    Lily And Marshall

    4 votes

    Mikaela's #4

    "They're the most wholesome TV relationship."

  • Schmidt And Cece

    Schmidt And Cece

    4 votes

    Mikaela's #3

    "Actually, the one proposal in all of TV that gets me to tear up."

  • Andy And April

    Andy And April

    4 votes

    Jack's #3

    "They're a rock. They never really break up, bu they're constantly doing the wrong thing in the sweetest way."

  • Olivia Pope And President "Fitz" Grant

    Olivia Pope And President "Fitz" Grant

    3 votes

    Mikaela's #5

    "They are in the wrong, I'd say, like 80% of the time, but I am a sucker for a forbidden love story."

  • Ross And Rachel

    Ross And Rachel

    6 votes

    Jack's #2

    "The first few seasons, they do have a really good, 'Will they, won't they?'"