Mikaela And Jack Rank The Absolute Worst Candies In Any Candy Aisle

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Grown-ups love candy, proving it's not just for sugar-jonesing children eager to get hopped up on tasty treats. Children and adults alike are always eager to mainline the best candy ever, stuffing our faces without regard for moderation. But what about when eating to excess isn't even an issue? What about those exceedingly rare cases in which candy is so bad, pretty much everybody says "No, no thank you" when offered a bit? What about the worst candies?

Intrepid hosts Jack and Mikaela take one for the team in the latest installment of Rank vs. Rank. The two run down the candies they simply can't enjoy, from at least one coconut and chocolate combo to the most controversial form of licorice on Earth.

See how your tastes line up with these two delightful tastemakers and don't forget to vote.


  • Raisinets
    15 votes

    Mikaela's #2

    "I don't like raisins. I'll eat a raisin like once every five years and I'm good."

  • Black Licorice
    17 votes

    Black Licorice

    Mikaela's #1 and Jack's #2

    "Dude, the smell is revolting. This is like a small PVC pipe you'd get at Home Depot."

  • Dots
    14 votes

    Jack's #1

    "This feels like a candy in Hey Arnold."

  • Mike and Ike
    11 votes

    Mikaela's #4

    "Mike and Ikes, to me, are like big jelly beans. They're sticky. They get stuck in your teeth."

  • Smarties
    16 votes

    Jack's #4

    "It's like Flintstones vitamins, but they're candies."

  • Whoppers
    16 votes


    Jack's #5

    "I don't think that they taste bad. I just think Whoppers don't taste nearly as good as they look."