Mikaela & Jack Reveal Their Picks For The Worst Red Carpet Oscar Looks

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Whe it comes to glitz and glamour, there is no event that can hold a candle to the Academy Awards and its red carpt. A top tier event attended by top tier celebs, every A-lister puts on their very best as millions tune in to watch them waltz done the red carpet. But despite the many hours of prep work it takes before many an entrance, not all celebrities knock it out of the park with their red carpet looks. 

In honor of the Oscars, Rank vs. Rank hosts Mikaela and Jack take a look as the red carpet Oscar fashions that took a very big swing and ended up with a very big miss. From a sorry swan to Prada jumpsuits, here is a look at Oscar red carpet fashions that missed the mark. 


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    Whoopi Goldberg In 1993 - The Joker Dress

    Mikaela #1

    "The pantsuit, crazy pattern, with a cape dress?"
    "She's wearing two outfits!"

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    Bjork In 2001 - The Swan Dress

    Jack #3 

    "I almost didn't put this on my list because I was like, maybe it's a joke? But I don't think it's a joke."

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    Jennifer Connelly in 2002 - The Nude Dress

    Mikaela #2

    "This nude, ill-fitted, ruffly dress that looks like it was cut with scissors at the bottom. First off, this color is not good on anyone because it looks like you had a white shirt you accidentally put in with blues and now it's a weird warped color. To top it off with this not-matching scarf thing...it looks like she's trying to be a Lost Boy from Peter Pan."

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    Cher In 1986 And 1998 - Dueling Bob Mackie Headpieces 

    Jack #5

    "She went with the big hats. I don't love the look, but again it's Cher. But this is an awards show. Some poor celebrity is sitting behind her and is like, "What the f***?"

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    Angelina Jolie In 2000 - The Marc Bouwer All-Black Look

    Mikaela #5 

    "The dress itself, what she wore, it's just a plain black whatever. I don't hate it. What I do hate is that she wore her brother to this event...like he was an accessory"

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    Leslie Odom Jr. In 2021 - The Gold Suit

    Mikaela #3

    "I love a different suit. [But] this, for me, I hate metallics. Anything like that, I think makes your suit look cheap."