Ranker Weekly Meeting Lunch Places, Ranked

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Please vote based on the quality of the food and how much you enjoy eating it.

This list is here to answer the question of which lunch options we truly enjoy the most. The node names (sometimes) link to each restaurant's website. Also when it comes to places that require individual ordering remember that is a lot of extra work for Sami.

(PS remember that time we got Pizza Hut and it was so gross?)

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  • California Chicken Cafe

    California Chicken Cafe

    70 votes
  • JeJe Chicken

    JeJe Chicken

    45 votes
  • La Esquina Mexican Grill

    La Esquina Mexican Grill

    37 votes
  • Annie's Edibles

    Annie's Edibles

    30 votes

    Annie's of the Magic Butter.

  • Mendocino Farms

    Mendocino Farms

    20 votes